Stained Glass Patterns
Do you offer free patterns?
We are looking for studios that provide free stained glass patterns. Providing free stained glass patterns is a great way to get name recognition and build a loyal customer base. If you would like to post your free patterns site at Stained Glass Directory simply send us the URL of the patterns page.
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Designing your own windows.
Do you love to create stained glass sun catchers or small windows, but lack the creative flair of drawing them up. Well, here is a tip for you. Try using a coloring book for patterns. All it takes is a little alterations to the pattern, and there are endless books to choose from. Also there are many software programs available, such as "Glass Eye 2000", that make designing a window as easy as drawing a line.
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Stained Glass Directory

Here are studios that provide free stained glass patterns
Oak Tree Stained Glass
Delphi Stained Glass
Alpine Stained Glass