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Info on companies that sell stained glass supplies. List includes retail and wholesale suppliers.

3 Artists 3 Unique Styles.
Tiffany is famous for his lamp shades and windows. Tiffany lamps and windows are styled in the reflection of nature. Frank Lloyd Wright not only used his radical designs in architecture he also used it in his glass designs. LaFarge revolutionized the industry when he invented opalescent glass. Read the biography of each artist.Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frank LLoyd Wright, John LaFarge

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Stained Glass Patterns.
From software to simple tricks. Learn how to draw up that perfect pattern. Also, get free stained glass patterns

Leaded Glass, Stain or Stained?
We get many inquires about the proper terminology. Learn the proper stained glass terms.

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Stained Glass Directory
Keeping your windows clean can be a real pane. Get info on  how to clean stained glass windows.

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