In my opinion tiffanys lamp are the pinnacle of his work. The designs and the carefully chosen glass makes every one produced unique.

Tiffany lampshades skyrocketed in popularity and price in the 1970's. Although in the previous years there was a strong demand for the lamps it wasn't until 1979 that the first one broke the $100,000 mark in auction
Tiffany Lamps - The pride of Tiffany & Co
It was February 17 1976 that the large Cob Web design from the Gluck collection sold to the highest bidder for $125.000. This started a revolution in the pricing of tifany lamps. Dealers began immediately adjusting the prices to the new demand. Many dealers posted NSF (not for sale) on the products waiting out to see how high the prices could go. This started a craze in the demand for the lamps.
Also the 1970 's was the onset of the Tiffany Style Lamps, brought on because of the want to have the beautiful fixtures but not wanting to pay the price. These reproductions, available in table and floor models, caught on with a bang. By the 1990's the market was saturated with the reproductions. They were readily available at every lighting shop and studio nationwide. This era also brought out the scammers. A few companies began reproducing lamp shades and tried to sell them off as originals. Making good use of old glass and faux patina finishes the were able to fool quite a few consumers.
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